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released September 22, 2015

All music written and performed by Oranges
Vocals//Parker Hunt
Guitar//Skylar Caporicci
Bass//Mason Chakos
Drums//Ricky Martinez
Produced and engineered by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio
Mixed and mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio
Artwork by Joel Kirschenbaum
Published by Blue Swan Records



all rights reserved


Oranges Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Cool Coconut Head
Called after a clever attempt at a pleasantry,
as all remorse goes dry as quick as your tongue.
For all that I know
has weighted your invoice.
Gone fishing so many times.
Clever weight becomes the trust to sunder your reprise.
Your piece of mind is out there,
it won't be back again.
Your mind fails at recognizing.
I try something to find out nothing.
Can you go away?
Gone in 60 seconds, oh I'd hope.
The end.
I'll turn the lights off, come in to be with you.
Through all this stress there's a sigh of relief,
and I won't say experience kept me down on my own.
Such a noble crown,
Can you go away?
Thoughts play through my mind seem very plain.
Track Name: Snow Monkeys(So You Think is a Fucking Game?)
Indifference now and again,
should it all go as well as planned.
After the tables turn, we'll get right back to work
so we promptly discuss this.
Don't shoot, the volley spits out loud until the whites of their eyes.
For I had yet to see my thoughts unfold in spades in more appropriate times.
Want to set you off.
Linergy is trying to be a needed part of everything.
Linergy is trying to be.
Make haste in the plight from your mistakes in a long forgotten race of the times in which you offered.
You're all the same, forgetting ways.
Punched out, buried, awaiting for strangers.
I guess I'll wait for the wrong time to back out and say it's finally broken.
Seems like you kicked up to fade on.
Hang time is make time enough to say,
tried to find and make a better way.
Too late to pick up.
Too late to pick up.
Too late to pick up.
Tell me life the same way,
Tell me life the safe way for nothing.
The safe ways for nothing.
Safe ways for nothing, for nothing's a safe way for nothing.
Track Name: Boots 24/7
Say it ain't so,
to set forth all of these obstacles facing me alone.
Stop chasing the dream that's left us all at Roxanna’s.
I've lost you now, my feelings have just been unmanaged.
So don't come back.
I wanted to see you again,
I guess I’ll go home now.
In the light of this 24-hour town, where they won't ever let me lay down,
I can't go along with
the things that I've said in this nurtured dispatch that I've never gotten back.
I paused just to vacantly remember my loss.
In another force fed time
where nothing but the likes of us
is all we had to offer in,
it will be all I have.
I've spent days at a time out there in a stationary life,
where heat sinks down to the clothes that you wear.
I'll hold myself off to investigate.
continue without even setting the record straight.
Say what I can to come,
daze and confuse you, but in the end
I'll have nothing to choose from.
So write another line,
and tuck me into bed tonight.
So write another line.
I'll be chasing you down.
Track Name:
Goddess of tide, as I fall beneath your alternate ending
you were as I'd like to be prayed upon.
I already told you to
take your chance,
I told you this
in odd reference to melody.
so return these thoughts, 'cause I said "It's fine".
I can't leave myself beyond your grasp.
Finally, never end, though the charges they all seem to be there all at once.
The circle is completed like before, but time takes, ticking time takes its tolls.
And I can't find my bed.
Consult the greys.
Go insane.
Consult the grey.
Teacher, I've been smiling on off to many strangers,
you know that I won’t come back or go as far as you.
By the way,
Caught up in a time against a reference to the here and now.
It would be if you'd try again, it would be if you tried.
In an honest sense, I would just go repeating.
Time goes anywhere it wants without you,
to stave off anything you want but can't do.
Track Name: Part I. Ernest Goes to Whatever
Remain on the path that's been set.
Your eyes they won’t ever reconnect,
cause I believed so tragically you won’t stay on this offer.
And honestly, so torridly you will be on your own.
Will you take the time to fight, as I just realize that you're wasting too much time?
I could walk you out,
guide and prompt.
Would you be the last to?
Deceptive as I ought to be, I can’t take what I'd offered you before.
Add your name upon the list of things I haven't said.
So have you light again and now?
I'll say this like I needed you before.
Fall down, wish that my arms could extend far past my door.
Go now and yell out all the names and places you have been.
You're so pretend.
You had me for awhile and I am taking back every step
to shelter from the times of mine.
I would stroll on through,
as I’d look just like you.
Track Name: Interlude
(A man's heart may well long for victory rather than peace.
I better understand that of the aspiring poet rather than
the political brain. And once on me, too, smiled such
fortunes as your own. None the less, if in prosperity the gods
also gave us wisdom, we consider not only what has happened
in the past, but what might happen in the future; to ignore all else,
I am a sufficient warning of what fate might bring.)

Find a way for conscious sake, the sentiment will stop.
Track Name: Part II. Glem Lerner
Remain on the path that's been set.
Our eyes they won’t ever reconnect,
in hopes that one day our drunk necks will compensate.
But, that won’t get me by.
Though friendly, you will hide
in plain sight we'll see.
You’ll reminisce of places you have gone,
despite the fact your potion's wrong.
Buried by your words.
Sometimes they say it's frightening,
Sometimes I really am.
Sadly and shortly, it works
with no real subject in verse.
By now, you all should be rushing out.
Their loss is going to come.
Fine, now we'll humbly return to the
the masks you have bought and you’ve sold.
And that's the way it goes.
And that's the way it goes.
For the times that we have spent, it's been fine.
I know we can drink a lot more.
Gotten everything you’ve liked.
What you don’t know is there’s more crowd insight.
Would you know if they’d keep you close?
In a tragic sort of light, I’ll be standing at the door.
Track Name: Casanova Caquesah
As you all probably know,
our stage was lost in part to bad cops
that respond to the sound of a raging drum in backyards,
climbing on over the fences 'cause they're bored.
Forget the time, we'll say what we want to say.
If only my breath could express my town.
Although these events seem more and more,
I hope to see you.
Maybe I won't.
In dark lit rooms, we'll all be going nuts.
Can it be? I won't say no.
Hardly time for defense though.
For kind of a while, I’ve been constantly wondering
where the hell I would be in retrospect to
a life spent undauntedly traveling everywhere,
as I hail from back home.
Often subject to these offsets you know?
That's why we'd have to rock the show.
In short spans of time we've lost all that we ever would have known.
So the arrow finally struck a chord.
Forecasting weather by what I saw,
I'd be observing the sound you've fought.
Flashing lights will save the day from distant neighbors far away.
Too late,
I've attained your attention.
Fine, compromise seems like falling all the time.
Hey thanks a bunch, as I count down.
Track Name: Wildcard Joey Ain't Shit
Things come in twos.
As I held my breath for you,
And you tore me back far to many times.
Oh, why?
So siphon off every drain.
I'm tangled in what to say.
This isn't my boat,
though I can say that we all will go somewhere now.
No matter anything you fucking say, this ship will sink in days.
You can leave this ocean,
I'll sail on my own.
You won't last for long.
You seem ornery, I don't know.
As I'd sit with the vacant rhymes and wonder how I'll hide its subject for now.
And all of the times that I spent myself bleeding there searching for somewhere else.
Cast away.
When lost, I can't believe it goes on for so long to pretend.
What is the state of your lie for so long to make me bleed?
You're so ornery.
Track Name: XD XD ;P
I know!
Must I confuse myself at all with as many numbers?
As you'd hold, and I've just lost it all in another vacant frame of circumstance
I hope that you’d hold.
So find me another way.
So find me another way.
This message has gone overtone without the date's consent.
Through overtones of overdrives becoming too close to the edge.
Finally and awkwardly, the detection for deception shall be ours.
I know!
Say what you mean in twice the time.
Say what you mean in twice the time spent.
I won't try this again.
Don't mean you'd try again?
Save yourself for a fight,
you were to be sure the fatal attack would subtract your old foe.
This balancing act would attract the same egos,
the irony is that the heart has fell short.
Is that what it means to say?
Is that what I need to say?
Although I've been tempted once, that you would be overtone
and I would be taken for.
There you'd go,
I would know about you.
Track Name: Logic Dictates, I <3 You
You're always so patient
with things I can not handle.
Lost and now I'm carried away to somewhere safe.
I love the way you reason.
Can't complain that you're the greatest at everything.
I can't get over how you make me feel.
God knows many times I would fall upon your shoulder
to ask for many answers I have about the way I am.
I hope this lasts awhile, we shall see.
Send an S.O.S at once, I will not say again.
For our love is being tossed into the current's end.
For the 7th fucking time, I'll replace a "might be",
although I might be never much.
And I'd walk through a serrated pack of smiles,
I like my blood in gallons, bring it cold.
The point is now, that I've been here so long.
Sounds justified.
Sounds justified alright.
Sounds justified.
Wait, hold for another picture perfect moment.
We hope to finally return to something more.
I fall to stall just to complain about all these animals we’re up against.
Lovely, won't you come back.
I've been dumb and now that your forgiveness will just send me back the way I came from.
You're always so patient with things I can not handle.
Lost and now I'm carried away to somewhere safe.
You're probably so patient.
Gosh, I wish I told you all at once.