by Oranges

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released 12 July 2013



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Oranges Las Vegas, Nevada


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Track Name: Taken 3, Starring Richard Gere
I'll watch the entire night as your lungs fell so grey
In a trance that lasts me for days
And only honest whispers will make their way down
To something that works in your brain.
Talk to me. alright days before you die

Held advantage of things I had before
As I stand at attention and I'll walk past your door
Taunting fears at another round of guns first

Four score and seven years ago
When I saw this collapse there ought to be some certainty
In these leaves
All these leaves

Take another step and I am batting off messages on out my door
And we all just want to shoot for more

And I'm taking back everything
You want to truly test me by the state of your demands
Who are you and all your guards?
I hope they don't wonder very far
And now that conscience takes its hold
Finding the pieces that are left of you
Is going to be something that's hard to prove
Track Name: Ryan Sheckler: Sports Bieber
Sell this off of something as a loss,
To show you that these steps are bound to get me so bored.
For honest reasons I'll be moving on again.

Now sleep deprives on the 32nd time.
They'll catch us on the next 33rd minute.
We've lost our way! Send the carriers create something more.
Tell me how did they find with a vantage that only seems too true.

False glare the ship has seen some damages and now..

Here they come,
To finish what I started in the past!
Now you can finally relax,
As much as I had wanted..
Your rivals say I started..

"So say we all" will be the last thing on the tone.
Seems now I'm finally racking up a score.
I wonder if this will be the end of us all.
Track Name: Fireworks
It all seems so simple and just out of mind.
I'd like to oblige you far too many times!
As I stared vacant and you'd laugh in front of me.
I would have obliged you far too many times!

There you go..

Take all the love and romance aside
Just for another chance to reference
Be calm, it will carry you on.
The cost just seems too high.

Because it's causing me to bend
Over again and again by law I'd be obligated 'til then.

As I stare vacant, you'd laugh in front of me.
I'd like to oblige you far too many times.

You're often the set of unfocused events
You're branded upon my chest.
Never has there been so simple a reason to
Take back what I had.

Would you come through?
Would you?
Track Name: Forever Stallone
I'm 20 years old by now
The kingdom has gave me her crown
Now I'll focus my aim and put this rebellion to shame

So gather your arms!
The last prince of Wales is upon us!

Vested interests become the center of your crimes
Finally relinquished: this province left to die
I bet I told you, "this only pulls us further apart."

Gone they'll prove subjects who rally through
And turn like waves on you
Now pausing potential shrugs of what to do.
And I'd rather plan something far too rude

Cast out by vaguely unfortunate!
I've digressed this call. Why do you not quit?

Now I'm painting pictures of myself
Now I'll go conquer France too
Only to be brought back by you

While I feel the need to choose
When ever you want me to

Now I'm painting pictures of myself
Can't you detect?

I have wasted far too many times in this old life
I'm sending all I have to conquer you
Tell off every soul to make way for gold:
The Kings of Normandy
Track Name: Wind Talkers (I'm Sorry, I Don't Speak Wind)
Plot a relative course and I'm taking all my fear
As far as I can misguiding points of defense.

Head strong: we'll carry the wind and tide
Misleading and feeding you lies
While you'll go run and lie.
Early, we'll start by breaking codes that have made often
Your air war over London, not possible for you to continue.

Just because I washed your hair longer points below!
With barbarous attempts thinking of how likely they won't show.

Deceptive are the points I'll prove
This false alarm has fallen through
Now overloading Swedish banks
I'll have you read the Port De Calais.
From fortitude to phantom
I'll lead you upon a wild chase
Seems now you've spread your armies thin
You are so played.
I'll take you all with me
You'll take all that's in me.
I'll take you all…. with me!

Take time though force fed lies to take away your pride.
For what its worth our projects take advantage of
The focus of a fine line between
Misguiding and fine lies focused on something else.
For honor and for the rest of your whole life.
Subject to truth via tide.
With ample chance and shattered parts
We'll take them as they go but when the
Pieces hit the floor we'll finally let them know.