by Oranges



released 01 June 2015

All music written by Oranges
Produced and engineered by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio
Mixed and mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio
Artwork by Joel Kirschenbaum



all rights reserved


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Oranges Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Cool Coconut Head
called after a clever attempt at a pleasantry
as all remorse goes dry as quick as your tongue

for all that i know
has weighted your invoice

gone fishing so many times

clever weight becomes the trust to sunder your reprise

your piece of mind is out there
it won't be back again

your mind fails at recognizing
i try something to find out nothing
can you go away?
gone in 60 seconds, oh i'd hope

the end
i'll turn the lights off, come into be with you
through all this stress there's a sign of relief
and i won't say experience kept me down on my own

such a noble crown

can you go away?
thoughts play through my mind seem very plain
Track Name: Snow Monkeys(So You Think This Is a Fucking Game?)
indifference now and again should it all go as well as planned

after the tables turn
we'll get right back to work so we can promptly discuss this

don't shoot, the volley spits out loud until the whites of their eyes
for i had yet to see my thoughts unfold in spades in more appropriate times

want to set you off

linergy is trying to be a needed part of everything
make haste in the plight of your mistakes in a long forgotten race of the times in which you offered

you're all the same
forgetting ways

punched out, buried, awaiting for strangers,
i guess i'll wait for the wrong time to back out and say it's finally broken
seems like you kicked up to fade on

hang time is make time enough to say
tried to find and make a better way

too late to pick up

tell me life the same way
tell me life the safe way for nothing
the safe ways for nothing

safe ways for nothing, for nothing's a safe way